Christmas is just around the corner, the streets are decorated with colorful festive lights, people wearing their preferred Santa hats and busy with searching for last-minute deals — it’s beginning to look like Christmas!

With the festive season approaching, it’s time to stock up on the best offers. If you are looking for a very competent Christmas gift drone for family or friends, then stop right here. We're rounding up over 10 Christmas deals for you, covering drones for beginners to professionals.

There’s no better time than now, the sales are even better than the Black Friday sale with further reductions on the prices, making it a perfect time and opportunity to buy these products for the upcoming holiday shopping season! 

Gifts for Kids


Mini Drone A20-3 Color Aavailable

Small on size, big on features. If you’re looking for a drone your child can fly right out of the box on a chilly morning, mini drone A20 is ready for easy indoor or backyard flight.

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A22 Mini drone

Mini Drone A22 with LED and DIY Stickers

Stable and flys nice. Comes with 4 replacable DIY stickers Potensic/XMAS/Halloween/Fairy tale, kids can DIY as they prefer. The flashing lights would be cool for the night flying.

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A31 mini drone

A31 Drone with LED-enhanced Propellers


A31 drone has bright, colorful LEDs that look very cool for indoor flight and is a great little line-of-sight flyer for kids wants to learn to fly a drone. The flashing propellers will be cool for kids.

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Gifts for First-time Flyer

Palm-size Mini Camera Drone A20W

Palm-size Mini Camera Drone A20W

The feature-filled A20W is an excellent camera drone for little and starters wannabe film directors. The top speed can be changed from slow to dragonfly quick with a simple tap of a button on the controller. A20W would be a great choice if you’re keen on taking up aerial videography and photography. Available in 2 colors-Black and Orange.

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Foldable ELFIN Drone with 2K Camera

Light, Compact, and Portable. The Elfin can be taken and flown most anywhere.With the help of Headless Mode and Optical Flow Positioning,  you can pilot the drone without worrying about direction - in Headless Mode, the drone will always go the direction you point the control stick!

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Gifts for Intermediates

Drone P5 with 2.7K Camera

2.7K GPS Camera Drone P5 with Backpack

GPS-enabled 2.7K Camera Drone P5 packs a lot of electronics in bundle. It’s responsive and a speedy flier. It would be a good choice for intermedite fliers who wanna challenge their skills to become a better pilot. It’s a beginner drone that may help novices gain confidence in flying, and smart and resilient enough to endure mistakes and misjudgments.

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Gifts For Professionals

Drone P5 with 2.7K Camera

HD Camera Drone DREAMER 4K

Need a budget-friendly drone to practice your flight manoeuvres? The Dreamer 4K’s 31mins battery life and responsive twin-stick controls make it a fine choice. With the controller and drone pre-paired at the factory stage, no repeated calibration any more, the Dreamer is easy to get flying out of the box.

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Drone P5 with 2.7K Camera

DREAMER PRO with HD 3-axis Gimbal Camera

Dreamer Pro is a powerful flier built for entry-level explorers but also for professionals . The camera experience is a new paradigm for aerial photography.Featuring in a 1/3-inch CMOS sensor that can shoot 4K/30fps videos and 16MP photos. The dedicated 3-axis gimbal camera ensures the steady aerial capturing, so you can hone in on whatever you're filming from high in the sky.

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