• D58 1080P 5G WiFi FPV GPS Camera Drone

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    120° Wide Angle HD 1080P Camera

    5G WiFi FPV Transmission

    18 mins Flight Time & 3 Speed Modes 

    Follow Me Mode & Orbit Mode


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666 drone

Potensic D58 with Camera 1080P

Potensic D58 drone with camera 1080P is equipped with GPS and many functions.

Under the GPS mode, the drone can fly stably and auto record the flying route, finding the way home when some emergent situation happens such as battery low voltage, lost of signal and so on.

The quadcopter fuselage is made of high strength and resistant engineering plastics, durable and anti-collision. Bright LED lights flash at night, easy to find your drone!

Advanced Parts

HD 1080P Camera

HD 1080P Camera

Equipped with 120°wide angle 1080P camera, the drone let you see a clear and panoramic view. The angle of camera is adjusted between 0 and 90 degrees as to take footage from new and different perspectives.(Use 4-32GB 10 class or above SD card. )

Detachable Battery

Detachable Battery

7.4V Battery for about 16-18 minuets flying time. Plug-in design for easy charging and storage.

Tip: There are 2 battery storage grids in the box, but we only sold and delivered one battery in the package.

Double Antennas, Stronger Signal

Double Antennas, Stronger Signal

2 Antennas installed in both sides of the camera, the drone will be less interfered by other signals.

Good Heat Dissipation

Good Heat Dissipation

There are 2 metal radiators and small fans at the bottom of the aircraft. It is good for dissipating heat in time to avoid damage to the fuselage.

Various Functions

5G WiFi Transmission

5G WiFi Transmission

5G WiFi transmission helps you record smooth live videos and enjoy a real-time FPV(First Person View) experience without delay.(Must use with the phone that support 5G WiFi Band.)

Master All Information of Your Drone

Master All Information of Your Drone

Through WiFi transmission, your smart phone will display the flying height, flying distance and battery voltage of your drone, better to realize your drone's real-time situation.

360°Orbit Mode

360°Orbit Mode

Set a specific building, object or position as your point of interest. Your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point. (outdoors only)



The remote is with Telescopic Phone Holder which will not lose, unlike attachable one. Besides, it is on the opposite side of antennas. It will neither affect the signals or the phone screen.


  • D58 User Manual

  • Download App on Google Play

  • Download App on Apple Store


No, it is not a brushless drone.

The dimension of D58 is 16.65 x 16.65 x 6.30 inches.

The camera can be adjusted around 90 degrees.


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